Monday, May 23, 2016

I Got A Puppy!

Big news! I got a puppy recently! It may not sound like a big deal to most people, but it is to me. Why? Because this is my first pet. Not just my first dog, but pet overall.

With that in mind, I decided to name him Alpha for obvious reasons - if it's not obvious, Alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet and in Greek numerals, it has a value of 1. Alpha is a brown American Bully who I got from a friend of mine who breeds dogs. He is only three months old, however, I have a good bit of spending to make on shots at the vet and other miscellaneous things that may come up.

I'm not sure if I'll add any pictures of him to the blog yet but for now, I've decided to forego that option. The little bugger is noisy too, especially at nights, because he wants to sleep in my room with me but I can't let him because I don't want it to become a habit. So if there's anyone out there thinking about getting a pup - make sure you're all in because it's just like having a baby.

Okay, maybe not exactly like having a baby but it's pretty damn close. I have no kids of my own but I had siblings who were babies when I was in my teens so I remember what that was like for my parents.