Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Drinking Games With My High School Crush

So I had something like a date with this girl I liked in high school two days ago. We talked and played drinking games and just had a good time. Here's the story:

I saw her at the mall a few weeks ago and she's beautiful as ever. We saw and remembered each other, talked for a little bit and exchanged numbers and started texting soon after. She had just moved back to Dallas after living in Houston for 7 years.

Fast forward to last week, she was bored and so was I so we decided we would meet up and catch a movie but the movie was sold out so she suggested we go back to one of our places and talk and catch up some more and maybe have a few drinks. It wasn't a flirty or sexual tone either; I don't want to give you that idea.

Anyway, we decided to go back to my place because I had a bar at my apartment and I live closer to the movie theater than she does. At my apartment, we wanted to include some fun activities in our drinking, so we looked up some drinking games for two people and found a few interesting ones.

We ended up spending about four hours just drinking and talking and overall just having a good time. Some of the drinking games helped up learn a lot about each other while the others were basically just card games with drinking. One of the things I learned with the lowered inhibitions was that she had also liked me back in high school.

when i found out she liked me

Anyway, we didn't get drunk but we were definitely tips and ended up making out until she was sober enough to drive home. Sorry I don't have a juicy ending with me scoring but I'd say it was a pretty good night! We talk every day now and I can see it going somewhere in the future. It's funny how life works.

Until next time!

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